How to keep pests out of your garage

We all treasure our garages. They’re not just for cars anymore; they’re places for DIY projects, storage, and sometimes even a quiet escape. However, there’s a downside: they can be a magnet for pests. From squirrels to spiders, these critters can find their way in. And it’s not just about keeping the garage tidy. Did you know high-quality garage doors makers focus on creating less inviting doors for pests? Let’s explore ways to make your garage less attractive to those unwelcome visitors.

pests out of your garage

Declutter and Sweep Away

Little bugs and critters see clutter as an opportunity to set up shop. Removing unnecessary items can make a huge difference, like that old bicycle or the broken chair you’ve meant to fix. Make it a habit to sweep and mop the floors. It’s not just about cleanliness; you’re actively removing hiding spots for insects and pests.

Seal Off Entry Points

Consider your garage like a protective castle; you wouldn’t want any breaches in your castle’s defences.   Inspect your garage meticulously. Pay close attention to the foundation, walls, doors, and especially windows. Found a crack or a tiny gap? Time to bring out the caulk and weatherstripping. Every little crevice you seal makes it much harder for pests to get in.

Play Defence with Pesticides

Think of pesticides as your garage’s security system. Using sprays, powders, or traps around the inside and outside of your garage can help deter pests from making themselves at home. It’s like setting up an invisible barrier. Remember, though, to always use pesticides safely. Please read the instructions and keep them away from kids and pets.

Choose Plastic Over Cardboard

Cardboard boxes might seem handy and economical, but they’re a hotel for pests! Critters and bugs find it easy to chew through and nest inside. Making the switch to plastic storage bins or weather-tight containers is a game-changer. They are sturdier, protect your belongings better, and don’t roll out the welcome mat for pests.

Maintain a Clean Environment

A clean garage is more than just pleasing to the eyes. Regularly sweeping floors, wiping down surfaces, and ensuring no food or water sources are fundamental. Remember, like most of us, pests are attracted to snacks and drinks. By keeping your garage spick and span, you’re sending a clear message: “No buffet here!”

Install Protective Screens

Those lovely breezy windows or vents in your garage? They’re a prime entryway for pests. Installing screens can be your best bet against this. Just ensure the screens are in top shape, with no tears or holes. It’s like having a security guard at every entrance!


Your garage should be a sanctuary for your vehicles, tools, and projects, not a haven for pests. You can significantly reduce the chances of unwanted guests with these steps. Whether opting for storage solutions recommended by high-quality garage door makers or maintaining cleanliness, every effort counts. So, roll up your sleeves and get started today – your garage deserves it! And remember, the peace of mind with a pest-free space is worth it.