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Berry Farming Tourism and Activities

Picking your own berries can be a fun and memorable experience. You can eat your bounty, preserve it, or turn it into frozen cocktails. Some farms even provide a tour of their berry farms. Regardless of the destination, picking your own berries is a fun way to spend a day with the family. Many farms have events for the entire family, such as hayrides, horse-drawn wagon rides, or a visit to the farm’s animals.

The National Agricultural Law Center defines an agritourism endeavor as “a multi-faceted business strategy that combines tourism with agriculture to produce an additional revenue stream.” It’s no wonder that the top ten agritourism attractions in the state of Washington are located in the North Cascades. Agritourism can include u-pick farms, farm tours, and farm-to-table restaurants. To find agritourism in your area, check out the WA Food & Farm Finder, an interactive map offered by Eat Local First Collaborative.

When it comes to picking your own berries, the real secret is figuring out when the berries are at their peak. In general, the berries are ready to be picked in mid-June and later in the summer months. However, some farms have a pick-your-own program in place year round. One such program is Barbie’s Berries in Ferndale. This local agritourism icon sees several hundred visitors on busy days during the summer.

Another is the 3D Blueberry Farm in Franklinton. While this farm is small and simple, it does offer the best of both worlds – a fun and interesting experience with the chance to pick some tasty blueberries. And if that’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other agritourism options in the area. If you’re looking for the best agritourism destinations in the Northwest, check out the WA Food & Farm finder.

Other notable agritourism options are found throughout the Northwest. Check out the list of WA Food & Farm Finder locations below to discover where to find the most delicious, and fun agritourism activities in your area. Whether you’re interested in picking your own berries or learning the ins and outs of local farm produce, you’ll be a pro by the time you get home. There are other fun agritourism options in your area, so take a drive and discover what your town has to offer. With so many great agritourism opportunities around the state, you’ll be sure to find a new favorite farm before you know it! Having a newfound respect for the land you live on has never been so much fun. Count on your agritourism adventure to help you discover new things and make friends with local farmers along the way.